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Management Consulting
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Network Consulting
Practice Areas - Network Consulting

Insights & Interventions

Thrust on demand.

Provision of crucial insights and interventions to overcome the 'inertia' of starting or accelerating a network on the journey to efficient delivery of world class service




Network Audit Initial tuning
Infrastructure utilisation check Site Acceptance
Benchmarking Business Process development/ Optimisation
Network efficiency (conversion rate) analysis Network Dimensioning
KPI investigations KPI Improvement
  Radio Network Redesign
  Network Performance Improvement
  Development of Business Model
Parameter Setting
Capacity Management


Managed Services

Core or Context ?

BIG PICTURE works with Operators to answer the question across her business. Thereafter taking management responsibility for the context and leaving the client to focus on the Core; those activities that drive differentiation.


Plan and Design Service

  • Radio Network Dimensioning
  • Budget Preparation
  • Nominal Cell Planning
  • Core Network Planning
  • Radio Network design


Operations Service

  • Network availability
  • Capacity Management
  • Centralized network operations
  • RF Optimization
  • Network Performance Acceptance tests



  • Project Managers
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology integration
  • support systems


Resource Provision

Pay as you go!

This practice assists our clients to attain the intricate balance between the business requirements of scarce premium human resources and minimal staff cost (OPEX), both are crucial for sustaining/ sharpening the competitive edge.

Towards this end we source and administer consultants locally and internationally for long and short term contracts.





Our holistic view predicated on our cross functional knowledge base ranging from network-roll out through logistic and supply chain management to business strategy ensures the capacity for value creation. Whatever your stake or challenge in the sector


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Management consulting
Financial consulting
Technology consulting
Network Consulting
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