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About Us

Big Picture Nigeria Limited has been established as a provider of Management and technology consultancy services in Nigeria. Our traditional business model is based on improving our client’s bottom line through the provision of strategic insights and resources towards value creation, preservation and extraction. In furtherance of our policy of value creation we have established affiliations focused on

  • Expanding our resource pool / capacity
  • Implementing our recommendations
  • Process automation  



Business Information

Business Name: Big Picture Nigeria Limited

Type of Business: Management and Technology Consulting

Expertise: Strategy, Logistics and Digital Technology

Field: Strategy, Planning, Organisation, Operations and Processes

Market: Telecommunication, Private sector, Public sector

Business Address: 

Resource Center, 1B Omorinre Johnson Close Lekki Phase 1

+234 700 BIG PICTURE.





  • We are at home in Africa;

Our intense knowledge of the industry value chain and the dynamics of the operating environment stands us apart.We efficiently deliver great value!

  • Best of two worlds;

Our resource comprise home grown skills and insights, cutting edge skills and tools from the most advanced markets of the world.

  • All considered;

Our holistic approach enhances the capacity for value creation. Whatever your stake or challenge , we can add value!




Our clients to emerge most successful businesses in their markets.

Mission statement:

To enhance our clients’ value creating capacity through the provision of strategic insight and resources, specialized services and solutions predicated on a holistic view and an in-depth understanding of the industry value chain.

To provide BIG PICTURE improvements in your sustained profitable growth


Core Values


Our service delivery is partnership with the client so we are committed to transparency and integrity for maximum synergy and value transfer.



Telecommunication technologies are universal and standard. Therefore when isolated from local factors e.g. subscriber behavior, regulatory issues, terrain and state of infrastructural development, the challenges across networks of same technology are the same globally. Furthermore the required solutions are tested, documented into procedures and the skill level for delivery abounds readily. Consequently the complications and consequent service challenges are resultant of the interaction of the network technology with the local factors.



The impact of the operating environment on an Operator is dynamic and unique for each environment. Therefore the real challenges are neither global nor the required solutions always procedural and readily abounding. Beyond a sound understanding of the technology there is a requirement for an in-depth understanding of the operating environment (borne out of extensive local experience) and a rare aptitude to develop solutions drawing on both; Innovation.






Our resource comprise; home grown skills and insights, also cutting edge skills and tools from the most advanced markets of the world.


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